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Financial Planning Process

At J M Brown Financial Partners we provide comprehensive financial planning services to the extent mutually agreed with the client. The firm evaluates nine primary areas to develop a financial plan tailored to fit the needs and goals of the individual client. These areas include the following:

  1. Assets and liabilities;
  2. Current income;
  3. Current income taxes;
  4. Insurance coverage;
  5. Retirement planning;
  6. Estate planning;
  7. Business holdings;
  8. Committed and discretionary expenses; and
  9. The client’s investment objectives, risk tolerance, attitudes and philosophy.

These and other relevant individual factors are discussed with the client to develop an assessment of the client’s current and long-term financial needs and objectives. Next, J M Brown Financial Partners may provide a written document of Preliminary Recommendations that encompasses the client’s financial situation consistent with the client’s financial goals and objectives. This document may consider issues such as the effects of inflation on savings, tax effects on income and investments, tax-sheltered investments, appropriate levels of cash reserve for contingencies, and other relevant issues. The financial plan may include asset and cash flow statements, comprehensive estate planning issues, retirement planning, and provision for education of dependents, or other special circumstances. Recommendation may also be delivered in electronic format or in the form of verbal (in-person or phone) discussion or both. The services a client receives are dependent upon the individual needs and requested by the client, but often times the services rendered are continuous and on-going.