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Our Process

Initial Interview

Often people think that financial planning is an event, like drafting a will, but it is a process—an ongoing process. You are at the first step in that process which begins with a discussion about your financial values and objectives. Our team encourages a complimentary get acquainted meeting to explore an overview of your situation, and to fully disclose how we work and answer any questions that you may have. Subsequently, if you decide to enroll our assistance, we will take a confidential review of your present financial situation before beginning a formalized strategy to accomplish your goals.

Periodic Reviews

An important issue we address with our clients is the frequency of future meetings. While your various product providers continue to supply regular updates and reports, they cannot relate performance to personal goals; nor can they communicate the impact world events and regulatory changes could have on your plan. Your circumstances will change, and possibly some of your priorities. We need to review these changes frequently in order to measure the ongoing effectiveness of your plan.

Financial Planning Process

At J M Brown Financial Partners we provide comprehensive financial planning services to the extent mutually agreed with you. We take an educational approach to financial planning and our objective is to make sure that you completely understand your financial picture. When we first meet, our goal is to get to know you and understand your financial goals, we want to know your risk comfort level and have a clear profile of your needs and wants so we can help you design the strategies so you can attain your perfect financial calendar so you can do what you always wanted to do in life. When we meet with you we evaluate nine primary areas to develop a financial plan tailored to fit your individual needs and goals.

Investment Strategies

At J M Brown Financial Partners we have always been big believers in the benefits of utilizing different investment strategies within a client’s portfolio in order to minimize risks, and maximize returns with the purpose of helping our clients achieve their financial goals. To attain these goals we may utilize a combination of strategies based on a client’s objectives and risk tolerance. In general, these strategies are either more tactical in nature or based on traditional buy and hold asset allocations.

Through our educational approach we will make sure that you have a clear understanding of how your money is invested and how it is working for you. Our top priority is that you clearly understand the risk of your portfolio and most importantly feel comfortable that your financial plan is on the right track. 

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